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Used cars Seattle

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Used cars

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7 great deals on used cars

You say you always wanted to drive a Mercedes-Benz or BMW?
used cars

You say you always wanted to drive a Mercedes-Benz or BMW? This could be your time to get a late-model luxury sedan at about half of what it cost as a new car.
Automotive data and research firm scanned the current market for the best bargains in three-year-old used cars — the time when most returning lease cars go up for resale. They found a clutch of luxury sedans, and some mainstream models, that are selling for just over half of what they cost as new cars. These models have depreciated at least 1.3 times the average three-year loss in value for all vehicles of 34.5 per cent.
These sedans have lost value in part because of new- and used-car shoppers’ preference for SUVs. But the high incidence of leasing among luxury models also plays a part.
“Luxury brands are known for depreciating at a higher rate because they are so [...]

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